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My thoughts as I post this first blog are on the trial and error way that I built this darn web site. Computer work is so tedious. I really do love creating. I guess I think of it like editing. There is nothing I like better than to live with my characters as I write the first draft of the book. It’s the mountain of editing that gets me. This webpage about did me in. It all started when I finally found exactly what I wanted and we all know how difficult that is. Always harder to go into the store knowing exactly what outfit that you want because lo and behold it’s not there- well that is what happened with this website. I found the look I wanted and worked tirelessly on setting it up only to have my computer freeze and lose 80% of it. I’m convinced computers have a mind all their own. I wanted to scream, but instead I did what all people with a touch of OCD do- I convinced myself as I blindly reconstructed the web pages tedious piece by tedious piece that it was all good because it just proved I was driven—but in reality I know the truth—the proof--I stayed up until 2:30 am redoing. Here’s hoping you like it.


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