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Teen/Romance BLOOD STONE LEGACY weaves a tale of hope, love, following dreams, fulfilling a destiny and making your own choices.

According to an obscure tribal prophecy, descendants of five original ancient clans, geographically separated for centuries because of betrayal, will unite and discover their utopia through a “special one” only if the right path is followed. A newly, formed school in Berry, Florida provides this setting.

Leah, a direct American ancient tribal descendant, is given an heirloom ruby on her fifteenth birthday awakening her unique abilities of heightened senses and the power to locate a magical fountain hidden for centuries. Florida’s Fountain of Youth? She is guided by a voice only she can hear. Conflicts arise when arranged marriages and birth order rules are presented to twenty-first century teenagers.

Leah meets Z and falls for him. They’re forbidden to see each other. Z is banished to Alaska and his original tribe because he’s promised to another. Z is forced to obey his tribe to preserve the sanctity of the prophecy. Enter Heath, a rich descendant of another clan family. Leah is torn by feelings for both and uncertainty about her destiny. Should she wait for Z, choose Heath, or pursue her plans to become a doctor? Will she give up on her dreams? What is her destiny?

Her questions are halted as attempts are made on her life and the life of her brothers. Who is trying to kill her and why? Inner clans believe Leah’s brothers are threats igniting a power struggle within tribal hierarchy. Are they the culprits? A perilous journey commences as Leah learns about her powers, the prophecy, and her place in it from an elder clan descendant.

The prophecy’s vague interpretation causes upheaval, mayhem, life/death choices. Who’s the “special one?” Does anyone really know what it all means? Who will survive?


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