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Susan Womble is an award-winning author. Her first novel "Newt's World: Beginnings" won the 2008 Gold Medal Florida Book Award. "Newt's World: Beginnings" is also on the 2009-2013 Just Read Florida Recommended Reading List. Her writing credits also include "Newt's World Beginnings Workbook" (teacher's and student's editions), the second in the series entitled, "Newt's World: Internal Byte" and accompanying workbook. Susan Womble lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her family. She is a National Board Certified teacher with a career of teaching grades K-12th in the areas of reading, special education, language arts, math, social studies, and the profoundly handicapped. While teaching overseas in Hohenfels, Germany, she traveled extensively throughout Europe. Her first series deals with issues she saw in her class. She looked at her students in her classroom and wrote her book with video gaming, computers, texting, technology, virtual worlds, bullying, cyberbullying, tolerance, and fitting in issues. Her book is a story of friendship. The hero Newt using a wheelchair discovers what friendship is about and how to deal with bullies. "The Big Wheel" is a dystopian story. Womble decided to write about her experiences in Bavaria in this book using her firsthand accounts of the setting to weave a tale about a society long separated that has to find a way to work together again. Her third series is a fantasy teen romance built around an ancient prophecy that joins together her love for folklore and hidden meanings with her love for her state of Florida. Hence, the Fountain of youth connection. Visit for more information. Contact her at

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