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The Countdown Deer

Count Harper

Countdown with your

child to all of life's

treasured events



The tradition of counting down with “sleeps” started when my children were very young. If it was their birthday, they wanted to know how many “sleeps” until their party. When Grandma was coming to visit, they wanted to know how many “sleeps” until she arrived. A special toy, a teddy bear for my daughter and an “Ernie” for my son, would remind them of how long it was until the event happened. An added bonus was that we, as a family, would get ready for the event whether it be decorating, cleaning up, or shopping for special food. The anticipation and journey leading to the occasion was as much fun as the event itself. We tweaked this tradition as they grew adding on countdowns for plays, sporting events, and projects due. It taught them the necessity of being prepared and time management. This book tells the story of a magical deer, Count Harper, who has crowns instead of antlers, and will remind your child of special events. The story can also be read to any toy the child chooses to pass the magic of Count Harper onto that toy. I hope you enjoy counting down to those special times as much as my family.


For more information about how to get the toy Count Harper visit the home page.

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