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Opal's Brigade

Opal, one of the Lightning Brigade, who lives in the Neath World far below Earth’s surface, must break a more than a thousand year pact to travel to The Topsider World in order to protect her twin sister, Sadie Evelyn. Sadie Evelyn, hidden at birth in the Topsider World twelve years ago, has no idea that she doesn’t belong in her world. Is Sadie Evelyn the key to the power of Neath World? Or is she the reason for the shift in power? Will the two worlds survive? The Triad and The Trinity, two opposing forces of the Neath World, battle it out for power. Which side should win? Follow Opal’s journey as she discovers the Topside World. Figuring out good and evil is not always clear.

The ABC's Of Teaching

Ever wonder what magic formula makes a successful teacher. Guess what? There is no magic formula or magic pill. But, I hope this book will help you become a successful teacher. This book, organized in ABC form, concentrates on characteristics I have observed over my career as a teacher.  Each topic is divided alphabetically. An appendix is added at the end of the book for topic organization. Teacher traits follow a specific guideline. Each attribute is explained, first by an opinion based on personal experience along with a teacher story where applicable, and then by a visual. I love teaching and want to see more people choosing teaching as a career. It is with that positive spirit that I hope you enjoy and find information you can use from this ABC book for teachers.

The Countdown Deer-Count Harper

Countdown with your child to all of life's treasured events.  The tradition of counting down with “sleeps” started when my children were very young. A special toy, a teddy bear for my daughter and an “Ernie” for my son, would remind them of how long it was until the event happened. We tweaked this tradition as they grew adding on countdowns for plays, sporting events, and projects due. It taught them the necessity of being prepared and time management. This book tells the story of a magical deer, Count Harper, who has crowns instead of antlers, and will remind your child of special events. The story can also be read to any toy the child chooses to pass the magic of Count Harper onto that toy. I hope you enjoy counting down to those special times as much as my family.


How to order the deer toy


The countdown deer toy is an enhanced version of an oriental trading company reindeer

Because it is from an established company, you get the deer for free. 

Bedazzling and transforming the deer to be more like the book's Count Harper along with cost for shipping and the handling fee  is $6.00

( Note: You can order your own reindeer from Oriental Trading Company-just go to their website and search reindeer.  Also you can make any toy your child has a magic toy simply by reading the Count Harper story to the toy.)


If you want me to send you the bedazzled deer here is the way to order. Use paypal to pay the $6.00 for shipping and handling then send the copy of the payment along with your shipping address to





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The Big Wheel Trilogy

The Big Wheel

Take the Helm

Battle for the Cure

"The Big Wheel resonates. The plot flows smoothly, and Paisley and Colt must rely on their wits and courage to survive from one life-threatening situation to the next."


Newt's World Series

Complete Series

No more waiting

Get entire series all-in-one



Wheel Trilogy

Complete Trilogy

No more waiting

Get entire series all-in-one


Tallahassee Democrat

Newt's World Series

"Gold Medal Winner for Children's Literature from Florida Book Awards."

Florida Book Awards

Bloodstone Legacy

"Leah, a direct descendant of a primeval clan, comes of age while discovering her role in an obscure, ancient tribal prophecy. Leah learns of her unique abilities of heightened senses and the power to find a long lost magical fountain as a perilous journey full of romance, lost love, and intrigue commences."

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